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Do a demo today you'd be proud of 10 years from now

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar

You're using the Nokia of screen sharing. You want to be using the iPhone. Once you do, you'll never go back and the way you explain anything online will change forever.

There are a million sales people out there selling to clients.

Companies and consumers are flooded with new proposals.

...and yet, you know, if you communicate your solution well, you still win.

The war is not against competitors but against confusion, doubt, boredom, inertia.

Confusion comes from jargon, whether it really does what they expect, whether it solves their specific problem.

In this environment, how do you do an online demo you'd be proud of 10 years from now? One that stands out from every other demo.

An online demo that makes your client feel like you're sitting next to them pointing at the same screen, working with them?

A demo done without worrying about the client.

  • Without the client having to install things or set things up.
  • Without the client tuning out.
  • Without the fear of watching a lagging blurry screen share.
  • Without worrying if they're on their mobile or some incompatible device.

How? Use Co-browsing. Co-browsing is the iPhone of screen sharing. Your regular screen sharing is now a Nokia.

Why? Because with Co-browsing...

  • There are no downloads.
  • You send a link and that's it, the client sees what you see.
  • You both click and scroll together on your screen.
  • It's pixel perfect because it's not a video.
  • It's fast because it's not a video.

Co-browsing is being rapidly installed and used by some of the most successful teams on the planet

Because their stats after using it are incredible

If you want to find out why, you can. Right now. Install and run your first co-browsing session in the next 60 seconds.

Install on Chrome now and follow the steps!

It's simple enough that we don't need to say anything more. You'll get it instantly.

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