“For high touch sales and support, we can't set up screen shares with everyone all the time. We need something special."

Account and customer success managers are winning the recurring business of even their TOUGHEST non-tech users with interactive learning. If they don't understand and engage with the product, they'll churn. Instant, no-download, interactive screen sharing gives you a powerful new high touch tool.

Some customers don’t want to look through your help files. They didn’t understand your awesome explainer video. They need to be regularly shown how to do things and have their key questions answered because they need to trust that the product will get them the result they want. However, you can't set up screen sharing for all of them, it's too slow. You need something better for a high touch service.

We've all signed up to apps and not used them even when we needed them


Even when it's useful and cuts down time, we don't use it and somehow carry on doing things the old long way.

Why is that?

We never got a chance to make it a habit.

We never really bought into it.

We needed some further guidance and reassurance that this would give us the results it promised.

5 minutes of interactive learning returns years of loyalty


Spending 5 or 10 minutes interacting and teaching each customer for a life time value of 10,000s of dollars is a simple enough equation.

Passively watching a video or even watching someone else run a screen sharing session is 1/10th the effectiveness of software where both the agent and the user work together.

You want both sides to be wide awake and emotionally involved.

Co-browsing is screen sharing 2.0 for instant interactive learning sessions


You can't do these rapid sessions with old school screen sharing, it's too slow. If you want that high touch sales and account management service then you need something 10X better.

Co-browsing is instant interactive screen sharing BUILT INTO your website.

In one click, see their browser and highlight where to click next.

If they're still struggling, take control to scroll and click for them. It's like you're sitting next to them.

You click once to see their browser.

You draw a circle around a button you want them to click.

If they're struggling, you click for them.

There are no downloads.

There are no delays or blurry screens. It's instant and pixel perfect.

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