Why one to one onboarding is behind the success of billion dollar companies and how to do it effortlessly

The One Thing Every Company Would do to Make More Sales Today We know that more new sign ups would subscribe if they understood the product and given 5 minutes to show them, we'd convert more. You can't do this by asking people to download screen sharing. You need co-browsing.

You probably already know that many customers don’t read all your onboarding emails, help files or watch your awesome explainer video. These customers need to be shown your product step by step and have their key questions answered. You can do this effortlessly using co-browsing.

Even billion dollar companies grow using one to one onboarding

Intercom grew into a billion dollar platform but look at this quote from their co-founder about how they grew:

I know most people are looking for our “one top tip” or the magical “hack” that got us customers, there really isn’t any one thing. We grew email by email, Skype by Skype, webinar by webinar, and looking back I can’t distill it down to any one thing.
Des Traynor, Co-founder Intercom

Intercom co-founders would get up at 5am to demo someone the other side of the world.

Now they have teams to do it for them.

Every startup founder secretly knows the following.

“If we spent 5 minutes showing them how to use it properly they would subscribe"

Not everyone wants to do it though because setting up screen sharing or conferencing with each person is hell. However, new technology makes this effortless, as you'll see below.

Why does it work so well? Think of Netflix

We all got one to one onboarding for Netflix, Spotify, Instagram and more.

A friend showed us a clip on youtube of this awesome show on Netflix and we signed up to watch it with the intent to cancel but then they told us about 3 more great shows and we watched those. Then we kept watching because they kept adding more seasons.

Spotify? We went to a party and someone controlling the music had a Spotify playlist we liked, then they told us about all the other great playlists. We took it up.

Instagram? They showed us a story and told us how to make one.

We get one to one onboarding for simple apps we use for our own entertainment, imagine how important it is for software that we have to make an effort take up.

An hour of one to one onboarding can be worth $3,000 in revenue

Let's say a customer's life time value is $3,000 and you've got lots of people who were going to churn or not subscribe.

Converting and retaining those users by spending 5 minutes with each of them is worth $36,000 per hour.

Alright, let's say it's 10 minutes. That's still $18,000 / hour.

20 mins? That's $9,000 / hour.

At what point is not economical?

If you spent three 20 minute training sessions with each customer you still make $3,000 / hour.


Old school screen sharing is a nightmare for doing lots of one to one sessions

You have to ask your user to download software.

Then you wait and hope it all works. Then maybe the screen is lagging and blurry.

Old school screen sharing was built for old school desktop apps.

Now that everything is moving to the cloud, something new is available.

Co-browsing is screen sharing 2.0 for instant interactive one to one onboarding


Co-browsing companies are growing because apps are moving from the desktop to the cloud.

With co-browsing, you click once to see the user moving about on your app.

There's none of that download nonsense.

There's no lagging blurry screen.

In one click, see their browser and highlight where to click next.

If they're still struggling you can take control to scroll and click for them.

It makes you the great teacher giving a lesson to a gifted student. It flows.

Look at Upscope co-browsing which includes a video of how it flows.

How do you set up co-browsing on your website to smoothly onboard users today?

How do you educate all those users who are about to churn or walk away?

Offer a walk through link on all key pages

  1. Add a 'would you like a walk through?' link to your site.

  2. This link opens up a calendly page allowing them to automatically book time with your team.

  3. When it's time for the walk through, you instantly see their screen using Upscope co-browsing and start educating them by highlighting where to click.

Have the walk through link available on all key pages pre and post sign up and within your live chat system as a pop up.

What you'll see happen

  1. You'll have more interaction with customers at a faster rate.
  2. The levels of engagement of those users with your product will increase.
  3. Conversions will rise.
  4. Churn will go down.
  5. You'll get feedback on your UX at a faster rate.

Running repeated 5 or 10 minute sessions like this builds your monthly recurring revenue in a way that no other automated email or video could achieve.

Get started with Upscope co-browsing

Go to Upscope to learn more, see a video of how it works, then sign up and book a walk through.