“If we'd had 5 minutes to show it to them, they would have subscribed"

Customer success managers are winning the recurring business of even their TOUGHEST non-tech users with interactive learning. If they don't understand the product, they'll churn. Give them the smoothest 5 minute intro to your product with Upscope's instant interactive learning.

Some customers don’t understand your onboarding emails. They don’t want to look through your help files. They didn’t understand your awesome explainer video. They need to be shown your product and have their key questions answered because they need to trust that the product will get them the result they want.

We've all signed up to apps and not used them even when we needed them


Even when it's useful and cuts down time, we don't use it and somehow carry on doing things the old long way.

Why is that?

We never got a chance to make it a habit.

We never really bought into it.

We needed some further guidance and reassurance that this would give us the results it promised.

Billion dollar companies grow demo by demo

Intercom grew into a billion dollar platform but just look at this quote from their co-founder about how they grew:

I know most people are looking for our “one top tip” or the magical “hack” that got us customers, there really isn’t any one thing. We grew email by email, Skype by Skype, webinar by webinar, and looking back I can’t distill it down to any one thing.
Des Traynor, Co-founder Intercom

Losing $36,000 because you didn't give 1 hour of training

Let's say your customer's life time value to you is $3,000 over 3 years.

You will always have users who won't buy or might churn because they don't understand the product and all they needed was 5 minutes of your time to explain it to them.

Converting and retaining those users by spending 5 minutes with each of them means you make $36,000 per hour.

Alright, let's say it's 10 minutes. That's still $18,000 / hour.

20 mins? That's $9,000 / hour.

At what point is not economical?

If you spent three 20 minute training sessions with each customer then you still make $3,000 / hour.

Yes, there are further support costs and more to consider but if they never subscribe or if they churn, then those don't matter.


Spending 5 or 10 minutes interacting and teaching each customer for a life time value of 1000s of dollars is a simple enough equation.

Passively watching a video or even watching someone else run a screen sharing session has 1/10th the effectiveness of software where both the agent and the user work together.

You want both sides to be wide awake and emotionally involved.

Screen sharing is too slow to use for training because it needs downloads

You can't do rapid educational sessions with old school screen sharing, it's too slow.

It involves asking them to download software, then there's waiting and hoping, further problems and then maybe a slightly blurry screen.

You also end up with a support agent lecturing a potential customer who may well tune out for large parts.

Old school screen sharing was built for old school desktop apps. Now that everything is moving to the cloud, you need something new.

Co-browsing is screen sharing 2.0 for instant interactive learning sessions

With co-browsing, you're a teacher working with a gifted student using a magic highlighter.

Co-browsing is instant interactive screen sharing BUILT INTO your website.

You want to educate users in rapid bursts and answer all their key questions without spending 10 minutes setting things up.

In one click, see their browser and highlight where to click next.

If they're still struggling, take control to scroll and click for them. It's like you're sitting next to them.

There are no downloads.

There are no delays or blurry screens. It's instant and pixel perfect.

Have a look at a Upscope co-browsing including a video of how cleanly it flows.

How to use co-browsing to make sales and keep customers

How do you educate all those users who are about to churn or walk away?

Offer a walk through link on all key pages

  1. Add a 'would you like a walk through?' link to your site.

  2. This link opens up a calendly page allowing them to automatically book time with your team.

  3. When it's time for the walk through, you instantly see their screen using Upscope co-browsing and start educating them by highlighting where to click.

Have the walk through link available on all key pages like pricing, features and within your live chat system as a pop up and in the footer of every page.

Measure the results and watch your MRR growth

With co-browsing you can begin a walk through in seconds and finish in minutes because you don't need to do all that downloading software nonsense.

Also, the user is not bored watching you lecture them, they are right there clicking and scrolling as you highlight where to click while talking to them.

What you'll see happen:

  1. You'll have more interaction with customers at a faster rate.
  2. The levels of engagement of those users with your product will increase.
  3. Conversions will rise.
  4. Churn will go down.
  5. You'll get feedback on your UX at a faster rate.

Running repeated 5 or 10 minute sessions like this builds your monthly recurring revenue in a way that no other automated email or video could achieve.

Get started with Upscope co-browsing today

Go to Upscope to learn more, see a video of how it works, then sign up and book a walk through.